Welcome Sellers

Listing your property requires much more than plopping a sign in the lawn. Part of what my listing portfolio includes is extensive marketing, professional photography/videography and paid advertisements to promote your listing as best as possible. Negotiations and charisma play a huge role in the next steps when going through the offer process, and I always strive to do what I can to get top dollar for my sellers.

Steps to Selling

  • 01 dollar sign icon Price it
  • 02 house icon Get Home Ready
  • 03 megaphone icon Marketing
  • 04 ticket icon Showings & Completion

Price it

Firstly, we would need to develop a practical listing price. This requires me to use my resources like MLS to compare suitable properties that have sold near your home- what we like to call CMA- or Comparative Market Analysis. This helps me to create a practical listing price on what supply and demand is like in the neighbourhood, while of course incorporating your personal wants and needs into the analysis.

Get Home Ready

Prior to listing, we will discuss how to best arrange your home to have it looking top notch prior to photographs and showings. Sometimes this may require a professional clean, a donation haul, staging, or sometimes is as simple as rearranging furniture to best display the features of the home. Having a connection with designers and stagers is a benefit that I will carry on to you, if necessary, and you’ll have my advice throughout that entire process.


Welcome to 2020. The times where social media dominates. What does this mean for real estate now? Well, a lot. Just as people shop online for clothing, it’s also where they’re most likely to come across properties for sale these days. REALTOR.CA®️ is a website known by mostly everyone, and this is a major source of leads for listings. Aside from MLS®️, I do extensive social media marketing to a large following to ensure maximum exposure of your house. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Circlepix, LinkedIn, as well as the classic local newspaper advertising. For listings I feel are appropriate, I also cross list onto the Toronto Board for maximum exposure to potential buyers in the GTA. Long story short- if I have your property listed- it will be seen!

Showings & Completion

Once the listing is live and ready for showings, things can get moving really quickly. I’ve had listings with showing requests within moment of uploading and offers that same day. On the other hand, sometimes it takes a bit of patience for more unique properties that take a specific buyer. Every process is unique to each individual property and with my confidence you can always find assurance that things will move always smoothly. The offer process is never less than exhilarating. It can be equally as stressful as it can be exciting and it’s very important to have Realtor®️ in your court that can give you assurance throughout the process while explaining every step with clarity and ease. Once completion comes, I’ll be sure to have everything arranged with your lawyer, and help you to have all ducks in a row for the big day. From this day, I can only hope we’ll keep in touch and have created a friendship from the process.

Why Sell With Dom?

I understand that communication is incredibly important to sellers, as it is to me! You can have comfort in knowing I’ll always be there for any questions you may have during the process, and hopefully with my market updates and advanced information, you won’t even have the need to ask!

What's My Home Worth?